Our business expertise

A company'slogistical efficiency is a major element of its overall performance. In a context where omnichannelity is becoming unavoidable, managing your supply from A to Z is becoming thorny. Calling on the services of a logistician like Veolog allows you to concentrate on your core business and to benefit from the know-how of a professional in the sector. Our teams of experts have been developing tailor-made technical solutions for several decades to meet your expectations as closely as possible, in the shortest possible time and at competitive costs.

Entrust your project to our integrated design office

By opting to outsource your logistics, you will be accompanied by our staff from the study of your project to its completion. Our integrated design office plays a crucial pre-sales role. In charge of technically analysing your needs, it carries out your volume calculations, draws up your flow diagrams and works with you to develop the price list best suited to your requirements.
Once the necessary processes and resources have been identified, our design office, together with the resources of the chosen site, carries out the overall planning for the deployment of your solution. As supply chain professionals, our employees coordinate the various parties involved to ensure that deadlines are met and the quality of the service is maintained.

Get a tailor-made IT solution

Your operational needs are strongly linked to IT needs. Our department specialising in complex and omnichannel logistics guarantees you the management of goods flows and the reliability of data. Our employees listen to our customers and use a modern and flexible WMS to offer you a tailor-made solution.
Our team pilots the tools as an integrator, which reduces costs and provides responsiveness. Our experts only need a few weeks to set up the WMS and the EDI necessary to manage your goods. At the cutting edge of technology, our solution guarantees secure and rapid exchanges.

Reduce your customs formalities

The handling of certain goods for export or import requires increased security and specific procedures with the customs authorities. Several of our warehouses have AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status to guarantee a high level of security and safety on our sites to facilitate international trade. We offer simplified customs procedures to speed up your international trade, and can store your goods under customs supervision at our logistics sites that are listed as bonded warehouses.