Omnichannel logistics

For several years now, we have been witnessing a change in consumption patterns that is disrupting the supply chain. Based on the new promises made by e-commerce, buyers are becoming increasingly demanding and volatile. Merchants and logisticians need to adapt their processes to provide the best experience to end customers.

Omnichannel distribution: meet all consumer requirements

Consumers want to purchase goods in-store or online from their mobile or tablet at any time of the day. They opt for the solution that offers the fastest delivery and allows them to easily return their purchases. The retailer's business model is evolving from year to year with the desire for brands to offer the same product at the same price on several sales channels.
In France, practices are diversifying with the development of ship-from-store, click and collect and marketplaces. Our omnichannel logistics guarantee the preparation of orders for the various distribution channels from a single stock.

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Optimise your e-commerce and omnichannel logistics with Veolog

Our teams and tools enable us to process your BtoB and/or BtoC orders to your various distribution channels in France, Europe and for export. Our processes adapt to the seasonality of your activities. Thanks to our software (WMS, TMS), electronic data interchange (EDI), and RFID chip readers, we guarantee traceability and real-time monitoring of your flows.
Our flexibility allows us to carry out your order preparations by integrating the most appropriate cut-offs for your activity in order to carry out your shipments in France or abroad according to your customer's requirements.
Our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology to provide mechanised services with high added value (co-packing).