Reverse Logistics

For several years now, the explosion of e-commerce has been confirmed and the demands of consumers are increasing. Today, almost a quarter of the products purchased on the internet or in shops are returned to a central stock. The return policy will strongly influence the purchase decision and customer loyalty. How to ensure smooth and efficient returns management?

Don't neglect your reverse logistics anymore.

As an expert in retail and e-commerce logistics, Veolog has been integrating this essential link in the supply chain for several years. Insufficient consideration of reverse logistics can become a real headache for companies. High processing costs, irregularity in stock management, customer dissatisfaction, the consequences can endanger your business. Whether unsold, product recall or after-sales service, Veolog takes care of your products to reintegrate them into your stocks.

Delegate returns management to our experts

Our teams are trained to receive returns, carry out a quality control of the goods and bring them back into compliance. By adapting to your needs and specifications, we carry out a qualitative, meticulous and personalised sorting according to seasonality, references or product families, so that the articles are put back into your "sales" circuit as quickly as possible.
Returns management requires real agility which implies rigorous IT management. Thanks to a tailor-made solution designed upstream by our design office, Veolog is able to provide you with a reactive and efficient process. We are able to offer reverse logistics solutions for all types of liquid products, clothing, household appliances, electronics, and many others.