Agri-food logistics

Agri-food logisticsThe food industry requires special attention. In order to guarantee the quality of the often perishable products, certain standards and procedures must be respected and quality controls must be carried out regularly. Would you like to store your raw materials or finished products in complete peace of mind?

Preserve the quality of your products

Veolog is committed to your side and works to preserve the quality of your products by respecting the standards appropriate to your sector of activity. Our dedicated teams, trained in the specificities of food logistics, use our IT tools to guarantee the food traceability of your products, with the integration and monitoring of batch numbers, use-by dates, and the specificity of "thousand grain weight" management.

In our certified temperature-controlled warehouses, we pay particular attention to the preservation of your products, in compliance with the regulations in force. A dedicated on-site quality department is available to interface with your teams.

Anticipate your seasonality problems

The food processing sector is subject to significant seasonality leading to peaks in activity. To cope with this, Veolog supports you on a daily basis with the implementation of appropriate and flexible material and human resources. Veolog offers you surfaces adapted to your needs for storage: in bulk, in accumulation racks, in single pallets or in racks in order to meet your orders, from big bag packaging to single bags (cereal storage for example).