Fashion logistics

textile logisticsThe fashion industry requires excellent reactivity and specific know-how throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution. How to cope with the many time and location constraints of sales to best satisfy the end customer?

Claim the specificities of fashion

Your sales are punctuated month after month by sales periods, Black Friday, the end of year celebrations... How can you ensure that your stock management is smooth? As a specialist in fashion logistics, we anticipate the seasonality of sales and put in place human and material measures accordingly.
We also use our expertise in the luxury goods sector, such as jewellery and leather goods. We guarantee a unique and secure supply chain for your artistic creations. Our teams are trained and aware of the specific treatment of these high value-added accessories.

Entrust your products to an expert in textile logistics

From our 6,000m² fully secured site located in Pantin, just outside Paris, we offer a dedicated solution to the textile and fashion industry. Thanks to our adapted installations, mechanised overhead conveyors and shelves/crates, we offer stock management of hanging or folded garments and accessories. We also take care of the management of your advertising articles or raw materials with quality control or fabric cutting services.
We rely on a precise WMS, adapted to the computerised management of textile products, integrating data entry by size, colour and reference.... A web portal also allows customers to consult their stocks, orders and the monitoring of logistics operations in real time.

Textile storage

Benefit from the management of your raw materials

Our teams are trained to receive and process your raw materials: rolls of fabric or accessories (buttons, zips, etc.). We carry out quality control of the products as well as the preparation of orders (measuring and cutting of fabrics, sorting of accessories by piece, placing in covers, etc.).

Parcel delivery city

Contribute to a more sustainable fashion sector

Environmental issues are at the heart of the concerns of the fashion industry. It is possible to make this sector ever more sustainable! Our partner Vert Chez Vous, an eco-responsible delivery entity belonging to the Labatut group, ensures the restocking of your shops or the delivery of your customers. Thanks to its clean vehicles (electric or natural gas), distribution in town centres is carried out without noise or pollution. You can also entrust us with the management of your returns. Our teams will take care of quality control, compliance and the reintegration of references into your sales channels.