Logistics industry

As a player in the industrial market, you need to manage all your logistics services. How can you ensure the traceability, safety and quality of your industrial goods? Do you have specific products of the "long length" or small parts type, or kitting to carry out? Our teams will help you to implement industrial logistics solutions adapted to your sector of activity.

Get industry-specific logistics

At Veolog, several of our warehouses are specialised in the storage of industrial parts. Whether you need to store raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, we have the necessary facilities for their storage: pallet spaces, pick-up spaces, storage shelves with racks, etc.

From less than 1kg to more than 5 tonnes, we handle all types of products: reels, coils, steel bars, profiles, car parts, etc. Our teams are trained to handle bulky products as well as to pick parts.

Track and ship your goods

In order to guarantee traceability, our high-performance WMS processes all movements of goods within our warehouses, from reception to preparation and dispatch. Your products will be checked at every stage of the process. We also manage the transport and distribution of your goods in France, Europe and for export at your convenience.