Wine, champagne and spirits logistics

wine logisticsWines, champagnes and spirits are extremely fragile and live products that require particularly rigorous logistics. We ensure the storage and preparation of orders from the bottle to the pallet. We guarantee the safety, security and quality of your products through all distribution channels in France and abroad.

Demand relentless logistics for your drinks

Temperature, humidity, light... each parameter must be meticulously controlled to respect the integrity of the alcoholic beverages. Our temperature-controlled warehouses ensure optimal preservation of the goods. Safety and security conditions are also rigorously controlled. With a great capacity for anticipation and flexibility, we adapt our production, human and material capacities to satisfy all our customers during peaks in activity.

Entrust us with your international flows

France is an exceptional land for the production of wines, champagnes and spirits. A know-how that is exported throughout the world! How can you offer your bottles internationally without impacting the quality of your drinks and respecting their follow-up? At Veolog, we guarantee product traceability and compliance with the regulations of each country thanks to specific accreditations and technologies.
Real-time stock management is done via a WMS (Warehouse Management System) which is able to process goods by brand, article, batch and serial numbers (pallet, package, UVC). Our warehouses are AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified in order to be able to store and deliver alcohol without restriction.

Discover our other customised services

Major brands of wine, champagne and spirits have trusted us for several years. Meeting all our customers' requirements is a priority. We offer additional customised packaging services carried out by our co-packing teams: labelling, cases, gift boxes, etc. We can handle all of your B to B and B to C distribution while respecting the particularities and requirements of your customers. We guarantee environmentally friendly delivery in the largest cities in France through Vert Chez Vous, a subsidiary of the Labatut group.