An "anti back pain" vest under test at Veolog

What if wearing
a vest made it possible to relearn the right gestures and postures so that one could no longer
hurt your back? Discover the new device tested in the
Veolog teams!

Veolog's teams are testing a "anti back pain" vest

A fan of innovations and in constant search of improvements for the health of its employees, Veolog has decided to test new "anti back pain" vests within its teams. These innovative vests allow you to correct bad postures and thus to reduce the risk of accidents at work or occupational diseases. The vests are equipped with pockets on the back, which emit an audible signal when the operator adopts a bad posture, potentially dangerous for his back. The sound emitted allows the employee to understand that his posture is not the right one and encourages him, for example, to bend his legs to correct it. For several days, 11 Veolog employees participated in the experiment and carried the new system with them. Whether they are order pickers, handlers or forklift operators, everyone agrees that this vest allows them to relearn the right gestures and postures to adopt. A fun and effective way to preserve the health of our employees! The test will be repeated in other Veolog warehouses before considering a broader deployment.

Veolog's objective: to improve the quality of life at work

In addition to this system, Veolog takes care of its teams on a daily basis and is part of a process to reduce professional risks. This approach involves an analysis of the risks related to the logistics sector in order to set up an action plan and corrective measures if necessary. Within Veolog, from numerous awareness-raising actions have already been carried out: internal training, interventions by health professionals to improve the ergonomics of workstations, prevention messages distributed internally... Obtaining ISO 45001 standard is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

Why prevent back pain in logistics?

Low back pain, or more commonly known as "back pain", has become one of the most recurrent ailments in France. In logistics, the second sector most affected by this "disease of the century", nearly a third of all work accidents are related to low back pain. And in 43% of cases, the main cause is the carrying of heavy loads. Indeed, did you know thata 25 kg load lifted without bending the knees puts the equivalent of 375 kg on the lumbar vertebrae ? Adopting the right gestures and postures is therefore essential to prevent back pain and take care of your health.