Veolog participates in the DuoDay so that employment and handicap are only one.

Strongly committed to a voluntary approach to the employability of people with disabilities, Veolog continues its actions in 2019.

Veolog in favor of diversity.

After the "Handi-matinales" of 2018, Veolog dedicates a day of integration of people with disabilities with DuoDay. In partnership with SYNERGIE, Veolog had welcomed about twenty candidates to share and exchange with its employees on the world of logistics. In addition, the entity had offered guests the opportunity to conduct individual interviews where they were able to demonstrate their full potential and motivation. And today, for this Thursday, May 16, 2019, Veolog participates in the DuoDay and welcomes a person in a position of handicap within him to share a unique and memorable experience. As part of its partnership with MANPOWER, a candidate has been selected to discover the administrative aspects of logistics trades. A collaborator at the position of Stock Manager will make her discover her job.

What is Duo Day?

The DuoDay concept was created in Ireland in 2008, resumed in Belgium in 2010, and then throughout Europe in the following years. Since 2016, this initiative has been developing in France. DuoDay is a day when a company, a community or an Association welcomes a person with a disability, in duo with a professional. The goal of this day is to Discover the profession of the professional to the person with handicap and to involve it in a total immersion in a warm and dynamic atmosphere. It is a chance for participants to reinforce a professional project, to enter the labour market but also to demonstrate their professional skills and qualities as well as their autonomy to an employer.

A beneficial initiative for both the candidate and the employer.

And for companies, this is an opportunity to value their human resources, to advocate for diversity, disability in particular, and to communicate on its commitments. This day also helps to better understand the expectations, hesitations and brakes of employers regarding the presence of disabled employees in their society.
This meeting represents an opportunity to share, to change the look on them and to overcome our prejudicestogether.

More than 4,000 duets were waiting
looking forward to this 4Th DuoDay edition. Determined to promote
Veolog is delighted to be involved in the employment of people with disabilities.
in this national event and is considering many others.